Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee (CGC) has delegated responsibility for the development of, compliance with, and periodic review of the Company’s corporate governance principles, policies and practices. The CGC help to shape the corporate governance framework of the Company.  The members of the CGC are all independent non-executive directors of the Board.  The CGC meets quarterly and its duties include:

  • reviewing and monitoring the Company’s internal documents and policies concerning shareholder rights, conflict resolution, ethics;
  • consideration of the Board evaluation process;
  • overseeing the Company’s CEO succession planning process;
  • identifying qualified directors and making recommendations regarding the composition of the Board;
  • ensuring that the Company’s policies and practices support the recruitment, development and retention of highly qualified directors and employees.

The current members of the CGC are:

1.      Mr. John Orange – Chairman

2.      Mr. Bill Watson

3.      Mr. Ronald Royal


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