Community Relations

Social Responsibility: Community Relations


OER believes that community relations are critical to its success and has adopted a comprehensive set of policies and protocols in order to guide its employees and contractors in handling grievances and interacting with communities at all stages of development, including protocols in relation to homage and courtesy calls. OER has executed three community agreements, which are aimed at assisting with basic necessities of local communities and the provision of needed facilities and equipment. OER has convened a number of stakeholder meetings with its host communities, hosted vocational training programs and executed a number of community development projects including the building of access roads and clinics and implementing potable water projects.

OER uses full time employees and community consultants to pursue its corporate social responsibility initiatives. Additionally, OER sometimes temporarily locates staff within such communities in order to facilitate open dialogue, build trust and better understand the challenges facing such communities. In this way, OER can maintain good day-to-day relations with local communities and offer transparent funding and other benefits that OER knows will be of value to the broader community. OER also encourages its contractors to recruit their employees from host communities in order to improve the economic conditions of those communities.