Environment, Health and Safety

Environmental Protection


OER’s operations are subject to various environmental, health and safety regulations. These regulations govern the handling, generation, storage and management of hazardous substances, including how these substances are released or discharged into the air, water, surface and subsurface. These laws and regulations often require permits and approvals from various agencies before OER can commence or modify its operations or facilities, and on occasion require the preparation of an environmental impact assessment or study (which can result in the imposition of various conditions and mitigation measures) prior to or in connection with obtaining such permits. 


EHS Policy

The EHS Policy outlines OER’s principles of environmental stewardship, maintaining safe and healthy workplaces for its employees and contractors and ensuring compliance with environment, health and safety legislation, regulations and recognized industry standards.

OER has direct responsibility for environmental, health, safety and security matters for controlled areas, where OER is the technical services provider. OER has implemented policies and operates an auditable management system. The EHS Policy and other corporate policies are an important part of the responsibilities of the managers of OER and significantly influence the operations of OER.

OER proactively engages its operators through its EHS committees and active participation in EHS programs & events. Although OER is a non-operated company, it influences and works closely with its partners to ensure that the environment is preserved through mainly conducting Environmental Studies (EIAs & EER), Environmental Monitoring programme to check for compliance and monitoring of operational activities such as oil spills & gas flaring trends and patterns. These activities are carried out via a yearly plan and reviewed quarterly for compliance & adequacy.


Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management System (MS) Framework

The document describes Oando Energy Resource’s management of its EHS issues to an acceptable level that is considered As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

The framework provides assurance that OER’s operations are planned, assessed and executed in line with international best practices and associated industry guidelines to guarantee the lives and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors.

OER EHS Framework Document (Click to view)