Executive Director

Omamofe Boyo is Executive Director of Oando Energy Resources as well as the Deputy Group Chief Executive of Oando plc. Before taking up this position, he doubled as the Executive Director, Marketing of Oando plc and CEO of Oando Supply & Trading. Between 2004 and 2006, he transformed Oando Supply & Trading into Africa’s largest private sector trading company while spearheading initiatives for the representation of the industry’s position on the proposed changes to the trade union law. He was also involved in proposing draft legislation on the PSF bill, as well as amendments required to the PPRA Act, to enable a legal framework for the implementation of the subsidy scheme. 

In 2004, he advised the Bureau of Public Enterprise on the privatisation of oil and gas assets. He remains the principal liaison between the industry, the regulatory authorities, and the government on change and efficiency issues as they affect the downstream sector.

He started his career with Chief Rotimi Williams’ Chambers, one of Nigeria’s most senior law firms, where he specialised in shipping and oil services and worked on several joint venture transactions between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and major international oil companies; he was a member of the team that represented the refineries in the NNPC judicial enquiry. He joined the Ocean and Oil Group in 1994, developing and managing the operations department, before joining Oando as Executive Director in July 2001. 

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from King’s College London and is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association. He serves on the board of several companies, including Gaslink Nigeria, Oando Togo, Oando Ghana, West African Refinery Company, Sierra Leone, Stallion Properties, Ocean and Oil Services, Indunmines, Quantum Voice Systems, I2I Nigeria, and Lagos Preparatory School.