Qua Ibo (OML 13)

Working interest 40%
Operator Network Exploration and Production Nigeria (NEPN)
Work program Production


  • Qua Ibo (40% WI and technical partner; NEPN, an indigenous company, 60% WI and operator) is located at the mouth of the Qua Iboe River in the eastern Niger Delta and covers an area of 14 km² (3,459 acres).
  • The License is immediately adjacent to the ExxonMobil Qua Iboe Terminal. 
  • 5 wells have been drilled: Qua Ibo-1, Qua Ibo-2, Qua Ibo-3, Qua Ibo-4 and one side track (Qua Ibo-3ST1) .
  • OML 13 contains a blend of light and heavy sweet crude oil (typically 41° to 45° API) and natural gas.

Production, Facilities and Infrastructure

  • The Qua Ibo flowstation was commissioned in Q4 2014 and has a 10,000 bbls/day capacity